The big picture

In the interest of being perfectly clear on this Brewster Hall roof issue, I want to point out that the warnings about the integrity of the roof come first hand from credentialed professionals who were hired by the town and looked at the situation first hand.  All I’m doing is pointing out that their warnings have been brushed aside by the Friends, acting through their operatives in town government.

When it comes to public health and safety, let’s look at the record since we took ownership eight years ago.

  • It took six years to get around to removing the asbestos.
  • The mold in the basement has not been remediated, despite a town financed study warning against reducing humidity without removing the mold.
  • It took five years to get a single serviceable employee bathroom and there are still no public restroom facilities.
  • Nothing has been done to improve the offices.

All this after we have allocated more than a million dollars for the various pursuits controlled by the Friends.  Do you really think there’s nothing more that can be done short of handing them $4 million dollars?

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