Opening night

Tonight will be the first meeting of our new slate of Selectmen.  I know that’s not very exciting because the two vacant seats were re-elected unopposed.  How is it that somebody can run unopposed and only get 68% of the vote?  Randy Walker and John Burt got 88% and 82% respectively for their unopposed positions.

Nevertheless, there should be real change in that the chair will be re-elected.  Hopefully, Dave Senecal will take over the reigns and add some sanity to the agenda.

I plan to be there, and will try to put together a synopsis on the blog tonight.

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2 Responses to Opening night

  1. Walter Spellman says:


    Two words…term limits.


  2. John Linville says:

    Boy I couldn’t agree more. Only trouble is, term limits work when you have others seeking the offices, which appears not to be the case here. The pain level of property taxes has not reached that point yet.

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