Warrant article update

Yesterday I submitted a Right to Know request for all documents related to Brewster Hall since my last request on October 24.  As usual the Town Manager provide the information right away.

There was some email correspondence with Holly Grosvener of NCA verifying the estimated amounts in the so called “First Floor Lite” option at $2,709,887.  Three potential Brewster Hall Warrant Articles have been prepared for review and selection by the Selectmen.

The first is a bonded article in the amount of $2,709,887 to do renovation of the first floor and exterior of Brewster Hall.

The second is to appropriate an as yet unspecified amount from the general fund (not bonded)  to do as yet unspecified interim repairs to Brewster Hall.  Another document that lists proposed warrant articles estimates this at $250,000.

The third is to appropriate from the general fund $250,000 to be  “transfered to the Town Offices Capital Reserve Account, to be under the care and control of the trustees of the Trust Funds.”

There is another for an unspecified amount to provide for interim offices during a potential renovation.

So the Selectmen will presumably be choosing one of these for the 2012 Town Meeting.

If I was a Las Vegas handicapper I’d give them 60%, 25%, 15% probability respectively. Review of these warrant articles is scheduled for the next meeting tomorrow night Nov 16. See you there.

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