Fresh activity in RIB case

Today, the Board of Selectmen noticed two non-public sessions with attorneys.  The first meeting will take place Wednesday morning at the offices of our current attorneys, Hinckley Allen & Snyder, at their offices in Concord.

The second meeting will be Friday morning at the offices of Sherin and Lodgen in Boston.  This law firm has never been noticed on the case, so it is not clear which party, if any, they represent.

That’s the extent of what is known.

Of course, the complete vacuum of information that is the Selectmen’s veil of secrecy breeds wild speculation, and regular readers will know that the blog enjoys wild speculation as much as anyone else.

Possibly the settlement talks have been successful, and the meetings are to formalize an agreement.  The meeting tomorrow with our attorneys would suggest that, and it would be the most productive outcome for all involved.

The meeting in Boston on Friday with the previously unmentioned law firm of Sherin and Lodgen is curious though.  It’s not inconceivable that, as has been rumored with Wright Pierce, the town may have had a falling out with their attorneys over the lack of subject matter jurisdiction debacle, and now need to change attorneys. If that’s the case, we’ll know soon enough as new attorneys would need to notice with the court.

Ever the optimist, I’m going with the settlement possibility.

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