Another week ends

The jury went home at 1:00pm.  The judge and lawyers were sticking around to argue a motion to quash a subpoena for Harry Stewart of NHDES to testify.  NHDES is opposing on the grounds that Mr. Steward has nothing to offer that cannot be provided by other lesser NHDES employees.  Wright Pierce says he had a private conversation with someone from Wright Pierce that nobody else is privy to.

Today they finished up reading in a deposition and managed to get in the testimony of Rene Pelletier from NHDES.  So this entire week we got through something like 6 witnesses and read in a deposition.  At this rate, Wolfeboro alone will consume all of next week.  You have to wonder if Wolfeboro’s strategy isn’t to consume virtually all of the reasonable time and leave the judge and jury to blame Wright Pierce when they enter week four.  I’m still waiting to see how that org-chart they created yesterday while converting Melissa Hamkins testimony from a 2 hour prediction to a five hour reality.

I’ll have more over the weekend about Mr. Pelletier’s testimony and my general impressions after nine days of Wolfeboro presenting their case .

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