First three weeks of RIB operation

I got the records of flow to the RIB during the first three weeks.  Here’s a graph from the RIB Worksheet data:

Mar RIB FlowsAfter that, the daily flows vary between practically nothing, and several days of similar high flow rates.  This goes on for about three more weeks until April 20 which is when the town reported to the State that they discovered the side of the hill blew out and effluent was running down the hill.

The capacity of the model that was developed by Wright Pierce, and subsequently reviewed by Weston and Sampson was 600,000 gallons per day.   Maybe that’s what Wright Pierce means when they say in their defense:

…the RIBs suffered a subsequent post design and construction event when it was operated by the Plaintiff at gallons per day levels exceeding the Defendant’s reports.

The town would have us believe that this is a simple case of poor design.  It looks more complicated than that to me.  What I don’t understand, is why this overloading at start-up was never mentioned by the town, either in their initial complaint to the court or to the public.  The town has said that they discovered more than a year later that the flow meter was inaccurate and reading high.  Maybe they can show that Wright Pierce told them to overload the system.  Let’s hope there’s a good explanation.

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