The cost of doing business

As I was saying, I just got a packet of information from the Town Manager in response to my most recent Right to Know request.  There were 252 pages, including many doubles, triples, quadruples, and a few quintuplets.  There was a full boilerplate copy of the cell tower contract.  On the front page was the following note:

I’m not complaining, that’s the going rate, and I’ve been paying it for a long time now.  The difference is that I’ve rarely received more than a dozen or so pages in response to a request.  So it’s a good thing I just got a new handheld wand scanner that allows me to scan a page in about 3 seconds.  Cost me $80 bucks at Staples.  Looks like I’m going to get a quick payback.

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  1. suzanne ryan says:

    By the way the Cell tower was another no formal public bid and another business mess

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