A quality job

Much emphasis has been placed on the results of the last repair warrant article two years ago.  We ponied up $110,000 for the Town Planner to make repairs.

ARTICLE 19: To see whether the town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of one hundred ten thousand dollars ($110,000) for the purpose of making repairs and improvements to and maintaining the John Brewster Memorial Building (Wolfeboro Town Hall), including, but not limited to, constructing Americans with Disabilities Act ADA-Compliant entrances, fixing a leak in the roof, repairing/replacing windows and window sills, installing a fire alarm system and reconstructing and insulating the rear entrance door/wall, said sum of…….

Let’s look at the list of specific things that were going to be done:

1) Constructing ADA entrances.  Go take a look at them.  After a year in service, they are badly rusted and look like they have been there since- well – 1890.  You would think that somebody would have thought to paint them.

2) Fix the leak in the roof.  We all saw the equipment parked next to the building for months.  The fix consisted of applying peel-and-stick bituminous membrane over the entire area, sort of like duct taping it.  This is not a permanent repair as the structural issues that caused the leak were not addressed.

3) Repairing/replacing windows and sills.  As far as I can see, this was not done and is in the new $200,000 warrant article.

4) Install a fire alarm system.  As far as I can see, this was not done and is in the new $200,000 warrant article.

5) Reconstruction and insulating of rear entrance door and wall.  This was done, and appears to be of suitable workmanship and frankly is a big improvement.

So how was that?  You decide.  Would you do it again?  Yeah, we’re going to double down.

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3 Responses to A quality job

  1. John Linville says:

    Damn fine question! Shouldn’t we as taxpayers expect answers to where the funds went? Especially since it appears we are being asked to pay again for some of the same work, which evidently was not done under the first warrant. I know the Grunter is mostly a weekly supermarket advertisement and yard sale calendar but you would think if the Editor had the slightest bit of journalistic backbone, he would be asking these type questions, rather than just parroting the BOS line. After all the Grunter purports to be a serious newspaper. But I am always amazed that we get better investigative reporting from the free throwaways, the Conway Daily Sun and the Rochester Times. The big plus for the Grunter is the pages are larger, thus making lining the bird cage with it much easier than the free papers.

  2. wolfeblog says:

    Our bird enjoys reading on it too.

  3. Tom Bickford says:

    I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to research and write your blog.

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