BOS Meeting Tonight

The BOS meeting was relatively uneventful with respect to the town hall issue, but not without cause for reflection on the sad state of affairs that surrounds it.  The big agenda item tonight was the CIP (Capital Investment Plan) review.  The Town Planner put up a bar graph of capital projects for this year’s warrant.  Standing head and shoulders over all else was a four million allocation for BMH.  There were no other items over a million dollars.  By way of explanation, Rob said that the Town Manager told him to put it on there and that departments have been told that nothing gets done until BMH is resolved.

The plot of projected annual capital expenses for the next ten years was unremarkable except for two huge spikes representing BMH and the seven-million Library expansion.

Following that presentation we heard from Dave Ford and Tom Zotti who are asking for some money to do critical repairs to the Public Safety Building because they have been told that replacement is ten years away and has to get in line behind BMH and the Library.  I don’t know about you, but a fire station that is over-crowded and falling down rates a higher priority in my book.

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