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The big sell out

This post shows the Federal Government’s strict policy against confidentiality clauses in settlement agreements.  They get it.  They understand that the government is the people and we, the people, have a fundamental right to know what agreements are made on … Continue reading


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Case closed

As a result of settlement, the parties filed a Stipulation of dismissal with prejudice and the court subsequently responded with this Judgement.  The final docket indicates that the case is now closed. The blog will pursue the details of the … Continue reading

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Excessive government regulation?

§50.23   Policy against entering into final settlement agreements or consent decree that are subject to confidentiality provisions and against seeking or concurring in the sealing of such documents. (a) It is the policy of the Department of Justice that, in any … Continue reading

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Winding down

In the regular monthly scheduled teleconference today, the court was advised of a settlement.  The wheels are turning again. All pending motions were dropped, and the parties have a month to file a joint motion to either enter an agreed … Continue reading

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Who was that stranger?

Someone posted a comment to yesterday’s post pointing out that WP’s answer to the Amended Complaint contained a counterclaim. The author did not identify him/herself and so, in keeping with the blog comment policy, the comment was not published with … Continue reading

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