The joke may be on us

Here’s an interesting twist that I’ve been ruminating on.  Wolfeboro has filed a motion in the RIB lawsuit, pursuant to the Consumer Protection Act,  to recoup our legal fees.  I think the amount was something like $1.4 million.  Subsequently, Wright-Pierce has informed the town that there isn’t much left of their professional liability insurance because the amount wasn’t very large to begin with, and it is being further reduced by their ongoing legal fees.

So while Wolfeboro may be legally  entitled to recover their costs under the CPA laws, we as taxpayers actually may be indirectly paying Wright-Pierce’s  legal costs, in addition to our own, because they reduce the total amount that we can recover.

I wonder if anybody thought of that before we spent half-million to amend the complaint beyond what it was reasonable to expect in the first place.

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