Trial is ongoing

Went down to Concord today and sat in on an hour and a half of Mr. Ford’s testimony for the Plaintiff.  The jury is nine people, 7 men and two women.  All but one appeared to be pretty bored with the pace and repetitiveness of the questioning.  I guess that’s the way it has to be to establish the requisite facts to support the case.  They perked up from time to time to write things down, but a hot pot of coffee would go a long way.

Our attorney, Ms Cull, delivered the questions.  From where I was, it didn’t look as if she tried to connect with the jury at all.  Dave did a pretty good job of talking to them, especially when he had some common sense comment to make.  You know how Dave can do that. The interesting part, and the part that should engage the jury’s attention, will be the adversarial questioning during cross-examination.

We had three attorney’s present and Selectmen Murray and Silk.  Wright Pierce had two attorney’s and three men who were probably WP engineers.  No doubt one was Mr. Atherton.

I was the only spectator.

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