Just perfect!

Someone sent me this report on the Brewster Hall upstairs usage forum held on Nov 13.  I’m going to renew my objection to this line of inquiry by the Friends and Selectmen when dealing with millions of dollars of the taxpayer’s money.

What I get out of the report is that organization after organization is saying that they do meet someplace, and that the second floor of Brewster Hall could serve that purpose.  There is a solid contingent, as previously described, that need a kitchen.  Others would need ample parking.

Sounds to me like this forum only reinforced that we need a new Community Center.  Right where the old one is only down the hill with the main entrance in the new expanded parking lot.  Compare this list of benefits with those of Brewster Hall:

  • Plenty of parking
  • Accessible without stairs or elevators
  • Easily could contain a wonderful kitchen
  • Would heat and cool for a small fraction of the cost of heating the old Brewster Hall
  • Would cost less than half of renovation of equal space in Brewter Hall
  • Could be designed to accommodate multiple groups at once.

All I’m saying is that if the Selectmen are serious about providing for the needs of these various organizations, there are alternatives that could cost the tax payers a lot less, and provide a better solution.  I understand the Friends putting on blinders, but the Selectmen should be looking out for the best interests of the town.

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3 Responses to Just perfect!

  1. Walter Spellman says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Combining a Senior Center (mostly day use) and a Community Center (evening use mostly) utilizing a common approach to space, access, parking, utilities, kitchen/catering and sanitary (one bathroom doesn’t cut it) yields the greatest benefit to the majority of users for a true return on investment.

    Telling that the Chamber of Commerce had no comment according to the report. May be because places like the Wolfeboro Inn and others do have legitimate meeting space already outfitted with technology, food service, ample sanitary, and parking. Not free or at the taxpayers expense, but usually willing to work with the groups needing a meeting place. And, there is the performinng arts center, Brewster when necessary, Huggins has space, and I will bet any plans for a library expansion include sufficient space for any of their future meeting needs.

    Again, what Wolfeboro needs is a legitimate functioning location/space to condut the business of the Town, not cook up a batch of popcorn and watch a re-run of Back To the Future. That can be done at a Community Center.

    Best of the season to all,

    Walter Spellman

  2. wolfeblog says:

    Well put Walter. Unfortunately, the restorationints will read your substantial and well reasoned points and then take the position that Back to the Future isn’t relevant because our town clock works.

  3. Walter Spellman says:

    Sorry Bob. I should have referenced that other movie..The Money Pit.

    Walter Spellman

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