Where do you draw the line?

Today I got a call from a Wolfeboro citizen that does Asbestos Abatement.  He told me that after the March referendum, he went to the Town Manager and expressed interest in removing the asbestos from Brewter Hall.  He was surprised and disappointed (understatement) that the project was not put out to bid.

In the course of conversation, he told me that the town has NEVER posted a request for bids to remove the asbestos from Brewster Hall.  I’m not sure exactly how Mr. Houseman put it at the June 20th BOS meeting, but he implied that this had been recently bid.  I have asked the Town Manager to provide me with details of any bidding that was associated with this contract.

Regardless, here we have a resident of Wolfeboro.  A taxpayer.  Who says he asked to be considered for this work, and says he was not given the opportunity.  This comes as quite a surprise to me after being lectured by Sarah Silk at the BOS meeting about how local vendors are not interested in bidding for town contracts.

As I read the town procurement policy, open public bidding was required for this expenditure.  It allows the Town Manager to exempt in specific circumstances, none of which apply here.  The policy goes on to say, in section VII, that “contracts entered into without following proper procedures will be voided.”

I have submitted a request to the Town Manager and Chairman of the Board of Selectmen for details surrounding the contract.

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