All decked out

Everything looks great downtown doesn’t it?  I have no idea if the roadwork and sidewalk jobs are being done properly, and I’m assuming they are.  But it’s the little extras that they seemed to find a way to do that make me wonder.

I’ve seen a few decks built.  Most of them have solid footings in cement tubes down below the frost line.  The new deck that is being constructed off the end of the railroad station appears to have skipped that step.  The photos show how the thing is just sitting on top of what is left of the crumbling asphalt parking lot.  I bet if I were to pull a permit to build a deck, the Code Enforcement Officer would tell me to put in some footings below the frost line.  Wonder if there was a permit for this?

What I especially love is the way the entire load of the deck is carried by the shear strength of a few nails.   Anybody get that taillight guarantee in writing?

No matter, when it starts to heave after a few freeze thaw cycles or drops when 40 people get off Molley the Trolley, we can appropriate a few thousand and do it over.

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