Mr. Bowers weighs in

Last night I received an email from Mr. Bowers.  It was addressed to me and copied to all of the Selectmen and Mr. Beeler.  I responded and he came back again.  The entire exchange is here: RE_ Bob Lemaire latest blast in the GSN, tomorrow’s issue.

He makes some valid points:

  • I jumped to conclusion when, the night before publication, I saw the newspaper included in past threads of his comments.
  • When the school portion of the tax rate is combined with the state education tax it does exceed the town tax rate.
  • He has not announced his intention to run again.

All in all a more productive and revealing discussion than the original speech,, which I encourage people to take a few minutes to view (at 2:05:30).

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1 Response to Mr. Bowers weighs in

  1. Dick Mosher says:

    I am afraid that the Grunter editor has succumbed to the disease that has hit many in the media. He not only attacks anyone who diagrees with his own view, but twists or ignores the facts to suit his position..

    When it seemed obvious that the cost of restoring Brewster Hall was more than the voters would support, he supported a joint public-private effort and used the successful Nick project as an example of what could be done. As an original board member of WARA (the group that built and maintains The Nick), I know that not a single penny of tax moneys was used (or even requested) to build The Nick. So much for truth.

    There was no indication that the letter from the the President of the WCTA referred to in the Editor’s column praising the forward looking selecrtmen, was in fact written by one of those same selectmen.

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