Tax rate ruminations

The top story today is the 11.5% tax increase.  It’s been pointed out that Wolfeboro’s tax rate is among the lowest, so I took a look at the rates of the 150 cities and towns that have been published so far by the state.

Looking good!  $12.20 vs $20.47 average, life is good.  So who gets the credit?  Let’s break it down:

Town School State County Total
Wolfeboro 4.46 4.39 2.34 1.01 12.20
Average 5.24 10.79 2.41 2.02 20.47

I’ve heard people say that the schools get a free ride while town spending is subject to lots of scrutiny.  I think these numbers explain why. Our town taxes are somewhat below the average, but look at the School District – 59% below the state average!  It’s pretty clear why we have a low combined tax rate –  a huge portion of our tax base is expensive seasonal homes that don’t use the school system.

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