Structural Issues?

The resounding theme from McGinley Kalsow was the unqualified assertion that BMH was “structurally sound” and will stand for another 100 years.  Indeed, as far as I can tell, there were no major structural fixes in their plan.

When NCA Architects took over, they revisited the structural integrity of the building with the same engineers that consulted with MK.  When they subsequently presented their revised plans last year, there was provision for reinforcing the roof with steel.  The reason that was given to the public was that the building needed to be brought up to current seismic codes, in case we have an earthquake.

Now, in the latest presentation by NCA at the Sept 7, 2011 meeting, John Grosvenor spent a few minutes describing how the roof was spreading and pushing the walls out, and cautioned that steel reinforcing is needed within the next ten years.

See the presentation here.

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